You have a new drupal site and are the drupal admin, what now?

You can see the video of the session, a list of modules and a video on installing modules here
There is a feedback form here I really appreciate feedback to help get better at offering these type of sessions.
One question was for a user dashboard to see their content. The module I was thinking of is but I have not used it before.
There is a podcast here on it
Also this one looks nice but not sure if it does the trick easily.
I also offered this some time ago to give users a "My Content" tab on the user page.
But it is a bit more work.
A look at 3 main areas of drupal not from a geek angle but from the perspective of someone who just needs a website and it happens to be drupal.

The Admin section will include topics like, "Keeping an eye on status reports and errors", "Backups, why you should still do them and how", "Module Updates why and why not and where to look". And one module that can really give you a ton of control over drupal without all the php geekiness "Rules"

The Content section will cover some of the basics as to what is a "Content Type", "How to Modify them if needed with CCK and some settings", "How to manage Comments", "Input Filters" and again "Rules" module and some tricks there for a good workflow.

Lastly Users and how to manage them. Some settings to keep an eye on and of course "Rules" module and some tricks with it to help you out.

This will be a lot of hands on looking at a demo install I will have on my laptop, very little for slides. I will record it as well for later use.

Last year I did this session on Views.

I need help trimming down the list of topics.
If you have a moment check off the topics that matter to you OR add some new ones.