Sponsoring DrupalCampCT

In August of 2010, we created the first DrupalCampCT at Yale University offering a full-day event with no costs to attendees centered on the open-source content management system Drupal. DrupalCampCT 2010 included knowledgeable speakers; educational workshops; impromptu birds-of-a-feather sessions; an entertaining and informative keynote speaker; free breakfast, free lunch and raffled prizes; and invaluable opportunities for attendees to network with other Drupalists in and around the Nutmeg State. DrupalCampCT 2010 was an incredible success thanks to excellent presenters, generous sponsors and an enthusiastic community. The event educated and inspired the Drupal community in Connecticut, and our community is stronger as a result.

We are presently organizing our second DrupalCamp in Connecticut to be held at Yale University on August 20, 2011, and are looking for sponsors for this year's event. We would appreciate your help to make this fantastic community event happen. DrupalCamps are an important part of the Drupal community. Your support of DrupalCamps shows your respect for the value that community brings to Drupal as an open-source project.

The minimum contribution needed to be listed as a sponsor of our event is $100. As several organizations made contributions somewhat larger than the minimum last year, this year we plan to recognize organizations that do so by acknowledging three levels of sponsorship:

  • Platinum: contributions of $300 or more,
  • Gold: contributions of $200 or more and less than $300,
  • and Silver: contributions of $100 or more and less than $200.

For your sponsorship you will receive:

  • your logo and a 100 word description of the services and products you offer displayed on our DrupalCampCT 2011 website at www.drupalcampct.org with a placement and/or logo size which distinguishes your contribution at the Platinum, Gold or Silver level of sponsorship,
  • your logo displayed on an 8.5 x 11" page in a prominent location at DrupalCampCT 2011 with recognition of a Platinum, Gold or Silver level of sponsorship,
  • an acknowledgment of your contribution at the DrupalCampCT 2011 opening session with recognition of a Platinum, Gold or Silver level of sponsorship,
  • and the gratitude of up to 250 participants.

Additionally, there will be a table for flyers, business cards, and other literature and giveaways where you can greet attendees.

Additional donations of prizes to be raffled off to attendees (e.g., Drupal books, t-shirts) are also appreciated.

DrupalCampCT 2010 "sold" out with 180 attendees. We expect the same level of enthusiasm this year and are increasing our registration capacity to a maximum of 250 people. DrupalCampCT 2011, a full-day, no-cost event, will be held on August 20th at Luce Hall at Yale University in New Haven, CT. All attendees, including attendees from sponsoring organizations, must register in advance for free at www.drupalcampct.org. We expect attendees to be a good mix of experienced Drupalists along with newcomers to Drupal - including developers, themers, content managers and project leaders, as well as consultants, corporate professionals, academics and passionate hobbyists.

For additional information, please visit our website at www.drupalcampct.org. We will be continuously adding new information to the site as we continue to plan the DrupalCamp. Additional information on being a sponsor of DrupalCampCT 2011 can be found at our sponsorship information page at 2011.drupalcampct.org/content/sponsorship-information.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Should you wish to contribute towards DrupalCampCT 2011, please contact Mark Friedman, our sponsorship coordinator, at drmarkafriedman@richardroman.com.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Peter Dowling
Nancy Flowers-Mangs
Dr. Mark A. Friedman
Tom Sullivan