Key Note Speaker - John Zavocki

We are proud to announce that John Zavocki will be our key-note speaker. John has an unquenchable thirst for Internet technologies and a passion for web design. He uses his experience as an artist and a technologist to help bridge those two (seemingly) disparate worlds together for his clients.

John's talk "From Margin to Center -> A Map to Navigate the Journey from Open Source to Personal Gain" will touch on 3 major themes in site development: 1) Ethics in Practice, 2) Desires and Skills, 3) The Secret of Our Success.

John has been merging Art and Technology since the late 80s, his early days of college. His diverse abilities have lead him to make art in Tuscany, develop Flash applications for telecom behemoths, teach web design to college students, construct multimedia installations for the perfume industry and build websites for rock stars.

John holds a MFA in Painting from the New York Academy of Art and a BS in Web Technologies from the School of Hard Knocks. When not contributing to open source, he is engrossed in making figurative art. John thrives in Brooklyn with his wife, Kolton, and their two Macs.