Drupal PHP for Designers, or "Using PHP without Panicking"

This is a basic introductory course to understanding how Drupal template files work in Drupal themes and some of the basics of PHP you'll need to make theme modifications, especially for extending an existing theme to design the page layouts for custom content types. I'll try and cover both Drupal 6 and Drupal 7, but the emphasis will be on Drupal 7.

This session is appropriate for anyone who is already familiar with HTML and CSS but is a little confused or nervous about modifying Drupal's Template files. We will have brief descriptions of PHP and CSS terms like variable, class, id, and if-then-else loops but won't spend very much time explaining these. You won't need to know SQL directly, but we'll cover a couple of tools for understanding how to find the variables and manage their display.

Let me emphasize that this will be basic, basic, basic and really is an introduction for designers or possibly developers who want an overview about how all the pieces fit together.

Slides are located at http://www.greenferretllc.com/pdf/Drupal-PHP-for-Designers-CT2011.pdf.