Panels and Contexts and Blocks -- Oh My!

So you're creating a content-rich, data-driven site and want a super user experience to boot. You know you need views (who doesn't?) but how are you going to present that information to your website's visitors? Combined with a good template and some choice modules, this is where the power of panels, contexts and blocks come into play.

In this presentation, I'll describe what these site builders do and how to choose when to use each to meet different website presentation requirements. I'll also talk about how these strategies play with views arguments to create really dynamic websites. I'll be using the websites and to demonstrate how all of these interrelate to create a rich user experience using all three: contexts, panels and blocks.

The writing site with the snowflake example is at Be gentle, it's not meant to be a public site.

Sorry for uploading the presentation as .odp, but the .pdf was too large to upload.